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Le Bourgis
61400 La Chapelle Montligeon - France

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date of birth: 17 12 1969, place: Paris IV
Nationality : French

B French driver license
Singing - Flute
Music scores reading
Electronic - Computing and programming- Max/msp/jitter
English (excellent)
German (notions) Sign language (notions)


• 2005: traineeship at Hight Institute of Stage Technics, Avignon : Max programming software.
• 1992: TNS : Diploma of the technical section of the National Theater High School of Strasbourg, France. Lighting and sound design. Group 24.
• 1989: traineeship “stage electrician ” at Professionnal Technical Training Center, Bagnolet.
• traineeship “stage technician” at East Parisien Theater, Paris.
"BAC" Diploma : Philosophy Lettres and Arts, Paris.


Puppet shows incl. lights and sound from 1980 to 1985. (setup of puppets, stage, sets, building of a lighting console when I was 12 years old...)
Danse school of Conservatoire de Vitry direction Michel Caserta, Nicole Lapierre, (during 8 years)
Technical management of lighting equipment, lights and sound design, for the plays of Théâtre de l’Echelle. Managed by Michel Jubet, at Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry, 1985-1989.
Scenography, lights design of Cafés concerts of l’Association Musicale Artistique, managed by Yolande Blavet, au Th. J. Vilar, 1988-1989.
Technical management of Théâtre Jean Vilar à Vitry, de 1989 à 1994).


• 3D Studio Max modeling and animation
Programming: design of a MIDI lighting software based on Max/msp and synchronisation with ligthing consoles programs
• Design and programming of VIMI (2010-15) software for real time video playback for live events, Bplayer et Mplayer (2012) Vimi2 : OpenGL 2013. Quaduar for audio playpback, 2012.
• Design and programming of Orchestra : that manages and triggers sound, light, video, engines, smoke machine, ... remotely by a Wiimote, 2014.
• Design and programming of an audio software that can be synched with lighting softwares on a network: Miniplayer
Programming: administration software (invoices, wages...) for Les Petits Ruisseaux 1995.
• Digital imaging: Photoshop, After effect, Première, Flash, etc...light in motion based on video shooting.
• Digital drawing: stage and lights 2D 3D plans. (canvas9, archicad, wysiwyg, 3DS MAX)
Internet website design: php, sql, webmastering. Cornegidouille, festival jeune public, Cie Jacques Kraemer, Hector... (flash, dreamweaver)
Digital video : photos, animation, image design: adobe photoshop, after effects, première, encoreDVD, sonic foundry vegas vidéo, dvd architect, reel DVD, néro, Canopus Edius...


• since 1984, several manufacturing of electronics: LEDS drivers, DMX interfaces: Sadako, Prométhée 2071, Deshabillez mots, La Princesse sans sommeil, Elle Emoi, Clinique d'un Roi, Camille Camille Camille...
interfaces and programming for wireless LEDS, data Stripled etc...


• “De la lumière...” association directed par Guymette Gloanec, 2002-2004. Abbaye Royale de Celles sur Belle (79)
Design of cultural and educational activities about lights. Nature, Science and Arts.
Light design, research and development for the European Light Center setup.


Stage Manager of the Christian Bérard venue of Athenée Théâtre Louis Jouvet, Paris (1995-1997).
management of hundreds of theater plays, danse, music around the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America...) (see map here)
lighting designer assistant for several lighing designers in France


Master Class about scenography and lights, Conservatoire de Cergy Pontoise, janvier 2012.
Schools classes in Chartres, 2007, 2008.
College : classes for Collège Foch, Strasbourg, Mars 98. 


Firstly, Nicolas worked as a lighting designer. Since more than 10 years, he now works as video designer and set designer for live events.

Hundreds of Live Events design since 1989: Technical management and stage creation for Theater, Danse, Music and Opera, Puppets, Garden lighting...
Please see the details on "CV CREATION" (in French).